Jason Reimer

My interest in bicycling really started with my brother Chris. As long as I can remember he was tooling around on a much coveted bmx bike. As he got older he added a vast number of European road bikes to his collection. His passion for famous (and sometimes infamous) racers, as well as for well-crafted and cared for bicycles helped influence my own desire to ride long, painful miles.

In 1999 I began working for Hanson Dodge + Sutter (now Hanson Dodge Creative) and became a part of the team focused on the Trek Bicycle account. Being so close to cutting edge products, racers, and co-workers who enjoyed riding, was absolutely inspiring.

Perseverance definitely plays a big part in why I enjoy riding. In 2011, I got to see first hand, an entirely different world of guts and determination—at Paris Roubaix in Northern France…The professional one-day classic dubbed “Hell of The North.” Experiencing this brutal, beautiful spectacle further solidified my love for cycling.

Another mental milestone: Cyclocross. In February of 2013, I was lucky enough to travel to the Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY, as a contributor for the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. I had heard about ‘cross’ racing from my brother but never seen it up close…I was definitely missing out. This was an entirely different kind of endurance that I needed to try out for myself. Good idea? That remains to be seen. I will be giving it a try for the first time this fall as I race for Team BelgianWerkx. It might get messy but worth a try!

I guess I should go out for a ride.


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